What to do in Matha

A cultural and artistic break in the heart of the vineyards

In the heart of the cognac vineyards, the area around Matha has exceptional historic links to the winemaking industry.

Just turn off the main roads and wander along the little country lanes and you’ll be surprised by the views and hidden treasures of the area.  18th century townhouses, porches and Saintongeais gateways highlight the prosperity of the winemakers.  Delightful family visits await – on foot or by bike.

Matha, a multi-faceted town!

Matha is in fact a recent town, the result of a merger between Marestay and Saint Hérie which explains its two churches!  Marestay, known for the wealth of its sculpted decorations, is a reference point in Saintonge for those who appreciate Romanesque art.  Saint Hérie on the other hand has centuries of subtle artistic presence: a Romanesque façade, a Gothic choir and modern stained glass.

Matha is internationally known for its famous liqueur la Sève Feu de Joie, produced exclusively by the Brugerolle distillery.

Joan Brisson’s Bamboo Plantation is an exotic voyage of discovery of more than 60 varieties of bamboos and exotic plants.

A pedestrian pathway through the town enables the visitor to discover all these points of view.

Fun activities for families

The Quéron family welcome you to the Cep Enchanté in Macqueville with activities for all the family.  A fun theme park set out as a maze in the vines appeals to young and old.  A 9-hole swingolf in a bucolic setting is ideal for a family or group of friends.  The latest activity?  “XO Escape Game, the mysteries of cognac-making”, takes you into the magical world of cognac.

Close by, in Neuvicq-le-Château, enjoy a visit to its impressive Renaissance château in a lush green setting.  Cultural and artistic exhibitions, escape game and model of the stronghold are on offer.

And for families seeking to be as close to nature as possible, visit the ferme des marronniers at Cressé.  All the usual farm animals are present: chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats …  The garden and farm are pedagogic and are fine examples of cohabitation between men and animals.  Games, markets and manual activities are on offer year-round.


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On the way for an exotic journey, between bamboo and Mediterranean plants

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