Cognac, vineyards and gastronomy

Vals de Saintonge is a destination to give you an appetite!

By opening the door of vineyards and cognac properties, set in the middle of rows of vines you’ll learn all there is to know on the making of cognac, Charentais wines and Pineau des Charentes.  This truly is the land of the nectar of the Gods.

Our winemakers have in common know-how, passion and exigency.  Enjoy a privileged tasting in the half-light of a wine cellar or distillery that will send all your senses on a journey.  Apart from wines and spirits, a range of other quality local products, whether sweet or savoury, will make your taste buds happy!

Take the time to dawdle round and go shopping in our markets.  Gather ideas for the association of wine and dishes, cocktails or recipes.  Savour the Vals de Saintonge to the full!


Cognac, vineyards and gastronomy