How to get there?

The Vals de Saintonge are ideally situated in the heart of the Charente Maritime.
Our destination is served by the motorway, the train and we also have many carpooling areas.

Coming by road

To reach the Vals de Saintonge by motorway we invite you to take the A10/E5 Aquitaine which is on the Paris / Bordeaux axis.
Take exit 34 at Saint-Jean-d’Angély.

  • Paris > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 4h45
  • Limoges > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 2h30
  • La Rochelle > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 1h00
  • Niort > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h40
  • Cognac > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h40

SAINT-JEAN-D’ANGELY is in the heart of the Vals de Saintonge.

  • Aulnay-de-Saintonge > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h20
  • Loulay > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h15
  • Matha > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h25
  • Saint-Hilaire-de-Villefranche > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h15
  • Saint-Savinien-sur-Charente > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h15
  • Tonnay-Boutonne > Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 0h15

Coming by rail

By TGV to Angoulême, Niort, Poitiers, Saintes, Surgères then TER to Saint-Jean-d’Angély, Loulay.

  • Paris > Saint-Jean d’Angély : 3h15
  • Saintes > Saint-Jean d’Angély : 0h30
  • Niort  > Saint-Jean d’Angély : 0h45
  • La Rochelle  > Saint-Jean d’Angély : 1h30

Coming by plane

The Vals de Saintonge are located in the Charente-Maritime department.
The department has an airport at La Rochelle / Laleu. You are at a distance of 1 hour by car from Saint-Jean-d’Angély.
La Rochelle – Marseille in direct flight, with Ryanair, from 2 May
the list of 2022 destinations : Lyon, Nice, Marseille, London (Stansted, Gatwick), Manchester, Dublin, Geneva, Porto, Brussels-Charleroi, Bristol.
You can also fly to Poitiers / Biard which is 1h15 drive from Saint-Jean-d’Angély.

You also have the opportunity to arrive at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport which is 1h40 by car from Saint-Jean-d’Angély.