Our 7 favourite spots for picnics

Summer weather brings out the picnickers!

It’s time to get out your picnic basket or icebox!  Savouries, salads, cold meats and crisps make up the menu!  All you need is the ideal spot to spread out your tablecloth or set yourselves up at a wooden table.  For all those who hike or simply enjoy lunching in the open air with friends or family, here are a few natural oases for a convivial, tasty moment!

Lunch in peace …

 A wooded public garden in Matha is home to works of art by nationally and internationally known artists.  The common denominator of the paintings and sculptures is that they illustrate the Rights of Man and solidarity.  Plaques of peace sent by heads of state from across the world make this garden unique in France.  The Garden of Peace offers a natural décor for picnics and also invites reflection …


360° panorama

 Just a few kilometres north of Tonnay-Boutonne the Terrier de Puyrolland is a promontory with an amazing view.  At the top of the hillock, the Romanesque church of Saint-Pierre with its doorway decorated with noteworthy sculpture, invites repose and in the high season, the beds of orchids add an extra touch.  It’s a perfect spot for a picnic and the starting point for delightful walks following the white paths and the Renolet stream.

A spiritual break

 Southwest of Loulay, the Sainte-Radegonde chapel bears witness to the passage in these parts of the wife of the Merovingian king Clotaire I.  Fleeing her tyrant of a husband, the thirsty saint is supposed to have had a rest in the Courant valley and thanks to her prayers, three miraculous springs appeared.  This legend explains the presence of numerous washhouses, wells and fountains in the area.  The site is perfect for a picnic and close by, the river Trézence invites strollers to the water’s edge.


On the Way of St James

 The enigmatic Lantern of the Dead considered to be the most beautiful in France and the church at Fenioux are close to each other.  Both listed monuments date from the 12th century, the golden age of Romanesque art.  Time stands still beside these magnificent edifices.  The open view across a verdant, wooded valley with a few cows grazing peacefully, makes this a perfect setting for a revitalising lunch on the grass.

Beside the Boutonne

 A setting of exceptional greenery awaits you at Antezant-la-Chapelle.  This leisure base, to the north of Saint-Jean-d’Angély has a range of activities and facilities on offer making this the perfect whole-day destination for friends or family.  Anglers can tickle trout, the sportier can try the firness trail and children can enjoy the range of games available


The forest of Aulnay

 On hot days, the coolness of the woodland will be appreciated.  With your basket on your arm or your rucksack, follow signs to the Forêt domaniale d’Aulnay, to the north of Aulnay-de-Saintonge.  Not only can you picnic in complete tranquillity under the foliage of the oaks but there are many paths and trails to enjoy too.


At the foot of the church at Juicq

 Just a few kilometres from Saint-Hilaire-de-Villefranche, between woods and vines, in the curve of a valley, the church of Juicq appears.  Set on the hillside, it offers a poetic décor and invites the picnicker.  A Romanesque edifice on the St James’ Way, it could also be the starting point for a trip to La Frédière.

campagne saint-hilaire-de-villefranche, juicq




Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption et Lanterne des morts, Le Bourg, Fenioux, France


Église Saint-Pierre de Puyrolland, Puyrolland, France


Jardin De Paix, Matha, France